Bring up divorce dating

So now that you're divorced, when you plunge into the online dating experience, writing a profile can be intimidating.

After all, no one has given you instructions on how to be good at dating after divorce.

Met someone at work and became friends over the course of 4 years.

All we can do is look at the facts objectively, and then assess your tolerance for risk.

The good news is that you’re with an excellent communicator.

He likes you, he’s attracted to you, he desires a long-term relationship…but just doesn’t know if he’s ready to dive in again. All I can say is that I guarantee that you will definitely not fall in love if you cut him off out of fear; you at least have a chance if you let him come to his own conclusions. Maybe there is a part of the letter that was cut before posting, but I don’t see where he says that he wants a LTR (and nothing that says he doesn’t).

From what we’ve read here, what he wants long-term is an unknown.

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