Dating a chilean man

Yes, I will also include the “Don’t try this at home!

tall, brown eyes have dark brown hair I have wear conservativa and modern I like the sports (football, basketball, handball etc), I like to play guitar, travel and have fun I'm a normal person I'm looking for a girl who wants to have a good conversation, practice sports and have fun Hi, im Ex military to US, 57th airtrooper Now I living in chile, I have 1 son but I'm separate...Just when you thought you knew everyone in the family, you are introduced to yet ANOTHER cousin at one of the many family gatherings (see point 2 below).In fact, there is an inside Chilean joke about the connection between cousins and unfaithfulness.Oh, and did I mention our son’s classmates having birthdays and then the get-togethers with their parents… These differences that were not seen during the niceties of only seeing each a few hours every day (or so) tend to crop up on a daily basis and may even cause strife if you are not prepared to handle them once married.Personally I think it pays to live together before getting married (as was in our case) though your future in-laws in Chile may find it very difficult to accept and some may even outright not allow it until the nuptial vows have been said.

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