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In other words, they are spammy sites and having your website listed in them can actually hurt you, not help you!

Ask your visitors to sign up for your newsletter when they come to your online business site.

You can give your visitors a reason to come back in many ways.

For example, you can let them know that once a month you post a one-day only sale.

Just adding quality content on a regular basis is a good way to get repeat visitors. This is where people design their webpages with the intent of ranking higher in the search engines, particularly Google. Their sites end up being demoted or even banned from the search results because the search engines view their efforts as spam.

No one likes a pushy salesperson in a brick and mortar business. People hate to feel like they are being overly pressured to buy something. Over optimizing pages also makes them less likeable and readable by real human beings.

Be sure not to send out your newsletter too often, perhaps once a month and occasionally send a special announcement.

Also, make sure to put quality content in your newsletter and give your subscribers an easy way to opt out.

Having said this, respect your visitors and their time.

People always take mental note of how long it takes an online business to get back to them.

Even if you are on vacation, you should either have an employee answering the emails in your absence or take your laptop along and answer the emails while your out-of-town.

and definitely someone you should look up to in the Online Business world.

Repeat visitors to your online business will increase sales for sure.

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