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This was a pre-fabricated house system developed by the Vandyke Brothers to reduce production costs.While this form of housing can be found in public housing estates across NSW, the design was especially adapted by Vandyke to Currawong.

Currawong also has scientific research potential and representative values for its natural environment, being adjacent to and part of an inter-related landscape with Ku-ring-gai National Park, which is listed on the National Heritage Register.

Currawong is then a physical symbol of the social reform movements of mid-twentieth century Australia, and more specifically celebrates the increased leisure time legislated for workers at that time.

Its significance is enhanced by the fact that the camp was established by the NSW Labor Council (now known as Unions NSW), the peak representative body of unions in NSW.

Currawong is of State significance for its historical associations with the post-war union movement in NSW, especially Unions NSW (formerly known as the Labor Council of NSW) and with Jim Kenny, Assistant Secretary of the Labor Council of NSW and Labor premier Jim Mc Girr.

There is also a strong association with the industrial building manufacturers, the Vandyke Brothers.

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